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Tiger Army – Discografia

Tiger Army
Genre: Psychobilly, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Country: USA
Profile: Tiger Army is a three piece psychobilly band from California. Fronted by Nick 13 (Kearny Jones) on guitar with Jeff Roffredo on upright bass and ‘Wasted’ James Meza on drums. Tiger Army’s long time upright bass player Geoff Kresge left in 2004 (later joined the Horrorpops) along with long time drummer Fred Hell.
New members: James Meza,Jeff Roffredo, Joel Day,Kearny Jones
Old Members: Adam Carson (2), Fred Hell, Geoff Kresge, London May, Mike Fasano

Tiger Army I – Tiger Army (1999)

01. Prelude Nightfall
02. Nocturnal
03. Fog Surrounds
04. True Romance
05. Devil Girl
06. Never Die
07. Moonlite Dreams
08. Trance
09. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Werecat
11. Outlaw Heart
12. Neobamboom
13. Last Night

Tiger Army II – Power of Moonlite (2000)

01. Prelude Call Of The Ghost Tigers
02. Towards Destiny
03. Incorporeal
04. Power Of Moonlight
05. When Night Comes Down
06. Grey Dawn Breaking
07. Cupid’s Victim
08. Valley of Dreams
09. Annabel Lee
10. In the Orchard
11. Under Saturn’s Shadow
12. FTW
13. Remembered Forever

Tiger Army – 2002 Early Years EP

Released October 8, 2002

1. “Temptation” – 2:10
2. “Jungle Cat” – 1:58
3. “Twenty Flight Rock” (Eddie Cochran Cover) – 1:32
4. “American Nightmare” (Misfits Cover) – 1:30
5. “F.T.W” (demo version) – 2:23
6. “Nocturnal” (demo version) – 2:32

Tiger Army III – Ghost Tigers Rise (2004)

01. Prelude Death of A Tiger
02. Ghost Tigers Rise
03. Wander Alone
04. Santa Carla Twilight
05. Ghostfire
06. Rose of the Devil’s Garden
07. Atomic
08. What Happens
09. Through the Darkness
10. The Long Road
11. Calling
12. Swift Silent Deadly
13. Sea of Fire

Tiger Army – Music From Regions Beyond (2007)

01. Prelude Signal Return
02. Hotprowl
03. Afterworld
04. Forever Fades Away
05. Ghosts Of Memory
06. Lunatone
07. Pain
08. As The Cold Rain Falls
09. Hechizo De Amor
10. Spring Forward
11. Where The Moss Slowly Grows

Tiger Army – Live From The Galaxy Theatre

01.Call Of The Ghost Tigers
03.True Romance
04.Moonlite Dreams
05.Fog Surrounds
06.Power Of Moonlite
09.Devil Girl
10.Outlaw Heart
12.Never Die

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