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Dethklok – Discografía 1link MEGA

Dethklok es una banda de death metal melódico de música en vivo. La banda fue creada por Brendon Small y Tommy Blacha.

Brendon Small – voz, guitarra
Gene Hoglan – Batería
Mike Keneally – guitarra, coros
Bryan Beller – bajo, coros

El primer álbum de Dethklok oficial fue lanzado el 25 de septiembre de 2007, titulado The Dethalbum . El álbum debutó en el número 21 de la revista Billboard ‘s Top 200 lista.La banda lanzó Dethalbum II el 29 de septiembre de 2009, y estuvo de gira con Mastodon , High on Fire ,Converge y el baterista Gene Hoglan en ambos álbumes.

Dethklok – Dethalbum (2007) [Deluxe Edition]

1.”Murmaider” (from “Dethwater”;) 3:24
2.”Go into the Water” (from “The Metalocalypse Has Begun”;) 4:20
3.”Awaken” (from “Dethtroll”;) 3:37
4.”Bloodrocuted” (mentioned in “Dethfam”;) 2:18
5.”Go Forth and Die” (from “Go Forth and Die”;) 4:22
6.”Fansong” (from “Mordland”;) 2:53
7.”Better Metal Snake” 3:27
8.”The Lost Vikings” 4:26
9.”Thunderhorse” (from “Dethwater”;) 2:46
10.”Briefcase Full of Guts” (from “Murdering Outside the Box”;) 2:44
11.”Birthday Dethday” (from “Birthdayface”;)Small, Tommy Blache 2:48
12.”Hatredcopter” (Does not appear in Seasons 1 or 2, later appears in “RenovationKlok”;) 2:56
13.”Castratikron” (from “Girlfriendklok”;) 2:57
14.”Face Fisted” (Does not appear in Seasons 1 or 2, later appears in “TributeKlok”;) 4:17
15.”Dethharmonic” (from “Fatklok”;) 4:31
16.”Deththeme” (from every episode; hidden track)Small, Blacha 0:34
17.”Go into the Water” (Gulf Danzig Remix; vinyl edition bonus track) 4:20
Total length: 52:23

Deluxe Edition bonus disc

18.”Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” (from “The Curse of Dethklok”;)Small, Blacha 1:15
19.”Blood Ocean” (from “Dethstars”;) 2:50
20.”Murdertrain a Comin'” (from “Bluesklok”;) 3:33
21.”Pickles Intro” 0:34
22.”Kill You” (Snakes n’ Barrels cover; virtual writing credits: Pickles, Snizzy Snazz Bullets, Tony Thunderbottom, Sammy Twinskins) 3:41
23.”Hatredy” (from “Dethkomedy”;) 4:17
24.”Dethklok Gets in Tune”

Dethklok – 2007 – …Trail Of Dead_Dethklok

1…and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Stand in Silence04:37
2….and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Blood Rites02:01
3. Dethklok – Bloodrocuted 02:20
4. Dethklok – Go Forth and Die 04:24
5.Dethklok – Fan Song 02:53

Dethklok – Dethalbum II (2009)

1. “Bloodlines” (from “Dethcarraldo”;) 3:30
2. “The Gears” (from “Dethsources”;) 4:21
3. “Burn the Earth” (from “Dethvengeance”;) 3:59
4. “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence” (from “Dethecution”;) 4:35
5. “Black Fire Upon Us” (from “Dethrelease”;) 5:40
6. “Dethsupport” (from “The Revengencers”;) 2:42
7. “The Cyborg Slayers” (later used in “Dethmas”;)4:16
8. “I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin” (from “Dethlessons”;) 4:30
9. “Murmaider II: The Water God” 5:43
10. “Comet Song” (from “P.R. Pickles”;) 3:48
11. “Symmetry” (from “Dethfashion”;) 4:31
12. “Volcano” (from “Dethdoubles”;) 4:18

Dethklok – Dethalbum III (2012)

1.”I Ejaculate Fire” (from “Dethhealth”;)3:38
2.”Crush the Industry” (from “Renovationklok”;)5:29
3.”Andromeda” (from “Writersklok”[7])3:27
4.”The Galaxy” (from “Doublebookedklok”;)5:15
5. Starved” (from “Tributeklok”;)4:57
6. “Killstardo Abominate” (from “Dethsiduals” and “Rehabklok”;)2:31
7. “Ghostqueen” (from “Motherklok”;)4:18
8. Impeach God” (from “Dethgov”;)3:34
9. “Biological Warfare” (from “Fertilityklok”;)4:35
10. “Skyhunter” (from “Rehabklok”;)4:08
11. “The Hammer” (from “Dethcamp”;) (virtual writing credits: Dethklok and Magnus Hammersmith)4:28
12. “Rejoin” (from “Fanklok”;)

Dethklok – I Ejaculate Fire (single) (2012)

01 – I Ejaculate Fire


The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera [2013]

1. The Birth / Fata Sidus Oritur / One of Us Must Die03:21
2. Magnus and the Assassin02:22
3. Partying Around the World02:27
4. Tracking / Ishnifus and the Challenge03:39
5. How Can I Be a Hero?02:29
6. The Fans Are Chatting02:24
7. Abigail’s Lullaby01:42
8. Some Time Ago…03:41
9. The Duel02:35
10. I Believe02:26
11. A Traitor Amongst Them00:40
12. Training / Do it all for My Brother03:34
13. Before You Go01:26
14. The Answer is in Your Past01:17
15. The Depths of Humanity02:42
16. Givin’ Back to You02:45
17. En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti02:47
18. The Crossroads00:50
19. Morte Lumina04:08
20. Blazing Star04:30
21. The DOOMSTAR Orchestra23:23



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